Thrift Store Volunteers


  • Date Format: YYYY slash MM slash DD
  • Due to the training involved with the roles at our thrift store we request a certain level of commitment for our store. If you are not available for 6 months consistently, we welcome you to volunteer with us for special events.

  • If yes to the above question, please let us know what they might be...


    Please let us know what opportunities you are interested in and what your availability is...
    Due to the limited availability of orientation sessions, and to ensure volunteers are trained and comfortable with processes, the majority of our volunteer positions require a specific weekly time commitment.
    Please check any/all you are interested in. We will be in touch to talk to you about which role we can place you in, based on availability.
    Please check as many options as you can, as some shifts fill quickly and we may look to your second or third choices for volunteering.
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    In consideration of volunteering for the Nova Scotia SPCA, I waive, release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages, including any claims of loss, damages or injury to myself or my property arising from my volunteer work for the Nova Scotia SPCA, even if they arise out of carelessness or negligence on the part of the Nova Scotia SPCA. I further release their staff, any volunteers, their agents, representatives, successors and assigns from any liability. I commit that I am wholly responsible for my actions and their consequences. I understand that as a volunteer I am responsible while on duty for representing the Nova Scotia SPCA, and will conduct myself in an appropriate manner while doing so. I hereby acknowledge, and understand, that in the course of carrying out my duties at the PAS, I may be dealing with information contained in files and records that is confidential or that tends to reveal the identity of a client. I agree to hold such information confidential, and, except as I may be legally required, I will not disclose or release it to any person.

Responsibilities of Thrift Store Volunteers

  • Providing exceptional customer service
  • Graciously accepting donations
  • Pricing and organizing donations
  • Processing cash, debit and credit card payments
  • Keeping the store neat & tidy


  • Friendly
  • Willing to work in a team
  • Experience with cash registers an asset (but not mandatory – we’ll train you!)

Time Commitment:3-5 hour shift weekly or the ability to be on call for shifts.

Shifts are as follows

  • Tuesdays 10-2, 2-5, 5-8
  • Wednesdays 10-2, 2-5, 5-8
  • Thursdays 10-2, 2-5, 5-8
  • Fridays 10-2, 2-5, 5-8
  • Saturdays 10-2, 2-6
  • Sundays 10-2, 2-6


  • Greet customers with a friendly ‘Hello’ as they enter the store
  • Ring in customer merchandise using the cash register and payment terminal
  • Sweep the front end of the store at the beginning of your shift (or the end if you’re working the afternoon/evening shift)
  • Ensure displays are well organized and items are on their proper rack/shelf
  • Double check to make sure all items on the floor are priced
  • Perform general cleaning – windows, wipe down counters, etc.
  • Purge the floor – if you see something we shouldn’t be selling, put it in the donation area out back
  • Assist guests as needed (request price checks if you are unsure)
  • Balance cash/debit at the end of the day

Must be at least 18 years old and in generally good physical condition as these roles require you to stand for long period of time. This position requires lifting, bending, cleaning, and customer service skills (i.e. friendly, warm and welcoming).


    • Determine which items are suitable to be placed on the store floor, price and place on appropriate back-end shelf
    • Maintain a safe and clean workspace (pick up after yourself as you go)
    • Test all electronics to ensure they are in working order before pricing and placing on appropriate shelf
    • Bag all charity items (or box if they are delicate) and stack in the donation area – these are picked up weekly
    • Assist with donation intake and drop-in donation drop-off area
    • Ensure all items on back shelves are sorted appropriately and priced
    • Watch for antique or valuable items and place on ‘Uniques & Antiques’ shelf to be assessed
    • Before end-of-shift, finish sorting all items on sorting tables, tidy up and tie up garbage leaving the sorting area neat and tidy prior to the following days first shift

Must be at least 17 years old, and in generally good physical condition as these roles require you to lift and sort items as they come in. This position requires lifting, bending*, cleaning and attention to detail.

*If you are not able to bend or lift, this position can be tailored to fit your needs – please speak with a staff member about alternate arrangements.


  • Drive to pick up items as requests come in
  • Assess items to ensure they fit our “What We Accept” guidelines
  • Deliver items to the Thrift Store (or a designated drop off spot i.e. shelter storage unit)

Must have a valid driver’s license and be 18 years of age or older. Must be capable of lifting heavy items into the vehicle and back into designated area. Must have a vehicle capable of housing/transporting large items.


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