Palliative Care


Animals are often surrendered to shelters because of their age and health conditions. Owners sometimes cannot afford the care of an elderly animal, but they still have a zest for life.  The Nova Scotia SPCA developed a Palliative Care Program – allowing older pets with manageable health concerns to live out the rest of their lives in foster care.

The Nova Scotia SPCA pays for all medical expenses.  All we ask is that you take them home, give them love, and provide them with a retirement home.



You can provide a palliative foster animal with life sustaining medications to keep them comfortable during their retirement.  Many of our palliative fosters require medications for various conditions, you can help animals in this program stay healthy!



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Buster Palliative Care

Sponsor a Foster  $500

Our palliative fosters can spend anywhere from 6 months to 1 year with a foster family.  You can help ensure their foster family has all they need to keep an aging animal comfortable.

Sponsor a Memorial $800

Help our foster families give a palliative pet an honorable memorial at the end of their lives.  The bond between foster pet and family is strong, with animals becoming an integral part of their families.  You can help them provide a memorial for a palliative foster pet.

Sponsor a Device $1,200 +

Many of our palliative fosters have poor knees and joints.  You can help provide one of our fosters with an assistive device.  Contact us before donating to find out if there are any animals in need of an assistive device.


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