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Here we feature pet-friendly hotels & accommodations in Nova Scotia. Please always mention your cat, dog or other pet when reserving a room, and confirm the accommodations’ pet policies. After all, holidays should be for the whole family – pets included.

You can view more pet-friendly accommodations on the Pet Friendly website.

Pawsitive Property is an HRM give-back initiative run by local realtor Nicole Pittman. 

Every time Nicole sells a home or helps a buyer purchase a home she generously donates $100 per deal to SPCA furry friends in need.

Nicole has been running Pawsitive Property for three years and has raised over $10,000 to help shelter pets at the Nova Scotia SPCA.  

If you are an animal-lover and looking to buy or sell a home, contact Nicole and ask about this awesome initiative!

Looking for Pet friendly Landlords?


  • Oxford Residential – Highfield, Dartmouth NS,
  • Somerset Place – Halifax, NS (Cat friendly) 1030 South Park Street Halifax (902) 404-7575
  • Cygnet Properties
  • Capreit
  • Universal Properties
  • Southwest Properties
  • Killiam Properties

Some helpful rental search websites are:



  • Lock & Stone Properties


  • Rent Antigonish

Pictou County

  • Denoon Street Complex 159 Denoon Street, Pictou, NS  B0K 1H0, (902) 301-1105

Kings County

  • Hartlen Court Complex, 5 Hartlen Court, Kentville, NS   B4N 4Z2, (902) 690-7686

La Baie

  • Stelmur Manor – Digby NS, (902) 245-6354

We are hoping to continue to expand these listings. We will need your help! Know of a listing you’d like to see added or have suggested changes to the list below?

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