To report animal cruelty, please call our confidential toll free hotline: 1 (888) 703-7722

Preventing Animal Cruelty

The Nova Scotia SPCA has been protecting animals since 1877. Our Special Constables have been enforcing the Animal Protection Act since 1996, changing the lives of companion animals in Nova Scotia.

The Animal Protection Act allows the Society’s Enforcement Officers to intervene on behalf of animals in distress and issue fines, as well as file charges against individuals under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Our Special Constables work with communities across the province to prevent cruelty to animals and encourage the humane treatment of all animals. This means rescuing animals in need, providing medical care, affection and shelter. It also means prosecuting people who deliberately harm animals, and working with offenders to ensure that does not happen again.

Seek Justice

The Nova Scotia SPCA is the only charity organization with legal powers to help animals in need and bring animal offenders to justice. Our Special Constables are authorized until the Animal Protection Act to protect all animals from abuse, neglect and abandonment. They act as law enforcers to ensure the safety of Nova Scotia’s vulnerable animals. If there has been a deliberate act of violence or neglect, our Officers seek justice through the courts, acting as the voice for animals.


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