It’s In Your Will To Give
25 November, 2018

The idea that one day we will cease to “be” is not a pleasant thought for most of us. But let’s consider it for one brief moment. When the time comes to leave this earth will you be able to define the impact your presence has had in this world?

One way to know the answer to that right now is through planned giving.

Planned giving is a perfect example of the ripple effect . We’ve all heard about the ripple effect of kindness (think “pay it forward”) and how even the smallest of actions have powerful and positive far-reaching influence. At the Nova Scotia SPCA level planned giving allows you to release a ripple effect today that will influence animal welfare long after you are gone.

Behind the scenes the Nova Scotia SPCA is working hard to raise the bar on animal welfare by enforcing bylaws, lobbying for better animal protection laws and providing educational programs for humans on how to be better caretakers of animals. None of this work is funded by the government… not even our shelters or our adoption program. We rely solely on the generous donations of the community and volunteers

By making the Nova Scotia SPCA a benefactor in your Will, your legacy can become the life blood that is required every single day by animals in need across the province.

Here are some of the ways you can give:

  • Donation of Securities
  • Trusts
  • Specific Bequest
  • Residue of Estate


If you would like to learn more about this program visit our Leave A Legacy page, download our Planned Giving Package or contact us directly at


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