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27 September, 2018

The Nova Scotia SPCA recently launched its online store in response to businesses giving back to the community and offering us donations on their product sales.  We decided to say thank-you by putting them all into one online retail space and getting the word out about their generosity. The idea has been catching on and we’ve developed a rather eclectic range of items in our online store! 

We’re excited to begin adding more products and services and we’re now inviting all entrepreneurs, marketing managers and small business owners to get onboard.

Got a product or service?

It doesn’t have to be directly pet related but it does makes sense for there to be a tie-in to pets in some way. We have a wide range of items in the store including: pet accessories, tick spray, jewelry, coffee, cider, vodka…even cake! Here are a few more ideas of things that would fit nicely into our online store: t-shirts, art cards, organic dog and cat treats. Creative juices flowing? Hop online and see what others have done for more inspiration.

Services that could do well include things like dog walking, pet sitting, mobile groomers…you get the idea. Right now Pet Insurance is the only service that’s offered so there’s definitely room to grow in this category.

Tell us what ya got!

Send us the deets about your product or service: pics, a description, price and how much of each purchase is going toward the Nova Scotia SPCA.  We’ll also need an external URL going to a checkout page on your website. We do not ship, handle transactions or provide “fulfillment services” of any kind so you must have that end covered.

Promote promote promote! 

Once we have your product up online we can start the fun part of promoting it. Let us know how you’ll be advertising and we’ll work together to find the synergies. We also have free online promotional items for you to use on your website and social media channels, like “I Support The Nova Scotia SPCA” web banners and graphics. 


Talk about a win-win situation – especially with Christmas right around the corner!  If you have a product or service that you would like to add to the online store download the checklist and send us your information. Oh! and don’t forget to share this article with anyone you think would benefit from it.

Help us continue to “save lives and create families”!

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